How to Get Started?

When you sign up your page will be blank – see steps below and view Mark Card video tutorial in Tips/Q&A

  1. First go to the Mark Card menu and select your dancer's competition:
    • Grades – Grade level dances at a “Feis”
    • Champion – Preliminary and Open Champion level dances a “Feis”
    • Majors – Champion level Oireachtas, Nationals, Worlds at “Majors”
    Picture of mark card menu item drop down list
  2. Mark Cards – take your judge’s marks & comments and enter them into the form
    • Drop Menus – are preset with feis details
    • Manual Fields – if your country, state/county or competition selection are NOT in the drop menus, please use the manual fields to enter your details
    Picture of mark card menu item drop down list
  3. Judges Comments -
    • Drop Menu – select from a list of popular judge’s comments
  4. Notes – use this filed for manual entry for either longer judge’s comments or any notes you’d like to include about that feis (i.e. – my first feis back from my injury – my foot not 100%)
  5. Submit – submit your results to populate your database and view your progress reports and feis history
    Picture of submit button
  6. Progress Report – to access this report select dancer from the Dancer drop menu
    • View Report – your report(s) will increase as you enter competitions
  7. Feis History – now you have started your feis and competition history
    • Enter competitions - as you continue to feis each week
    • The more entries you make the more you’ll be able to get from your reporting
    • Past competitions – you may go back and enter feis details from prior years

    This dancer has been dancing since 2012 - her comprehensive dance history and her charts and from Beginner to Open Champion looks like this:

    example of all progress report charts example of all progress report charts

How to View, Edit, and Manage Your Feis History

We cannot possibly begin to explain all the options available to you on this page but we’ll give it a go.
You can skip to the bottom of this document to see a video tutorial.

  1. Limitless Options – you will really appreciate the feis history chart as you become familiar with it and you’ll quickly realize how easily accessibility feis details at your fingertips.
    • Sorting- Simple sort each column to generate and view competition details by name, level, competition and placement
      • Arrows- click on the arrows to simple sort by order on that column
    • image with green arrow pointing to the sorting arrow icons for table columns
    • Show Entries- Use to expand the number of feis visible on that page
    • Export- select to export total mark card entries for all of your dancers into a Excel spreadsheet
    • image with 2 green arrows. one pointing to the sort entries and one pointing to export button
    • Search- Type in any combination of key details to define your feis history view. For example: to quickly search by year and dance type key in "2019 hornpipe"
    • image with green arrow pointing to search point
    • View- This selection will open the Feis Details page
    • Edit- Allows you to edit the entry and make corrections/changes
    • image with indicating where the search and view links are